Best-In-Class Services

RPMG Design is comprised of a team of Canadian creatives, digital artists, and marketing professionals. We believe in helping others to grow their brands through digital means; we’ve been working with clients from all over North America since 2010 and have completed all projects with passion.

Our talented team is capable of rendering beautiful graphics, creating computer-generated product photography, special effects, 2D and 3D animation, and other post-production tasks. 


Premium Marketing Assets

If you can imagine it, we have the tools to create and animate it. 

Post Production Services

We can work as an extension of your team or provide complete post production services. We’ve produced professional commercials, videos and multi-episode programs for international companies and celebrities in an array of formats and lengths since 2008.

Packaging & Product Renders

Endless marketing and design decisions went into your product design and packaging. ‘Perfect product’ photography is time consuming and expensive. It’s also difficult to change if the labelling changes, which it does, often.  We can model your product from scratch and produce photo-realistic or ‘better than real’, computer generated product photography. We can track label versions and provide full product rotations for platforms like Amazon.

Industrial Design

Functional and efficient design. We can collaboratively design your product to your required specifications. We’ll prepare it for prototyping and testing, mold injection or additive manufacturing.
Please contact us to discuss.

Impactful Motion Graphics

We can animate your pre-designed assets or create stunning motion graphics for social media posts, presentations, ads or program titles.

Visual Effects

Motion tracked graphical overlays or digitally augmented live footage for the blockbuster cinematic look.

Greg Lilko

Creative Director/Digital Artist
RPMG Design
Ontario, Canada